Finish Line

In about 10 days, I will announce the launch of my new YA mystery romance novel, Valley of the Moon. It’s been a process. I’m excited to have it sit outside of me, a separate entity, complete, umbilical cord cut forever. I’m so happy the editing and revising is done.

You have no idea.

So much revising. So much editing. So many typos to hunt and destroy.

I’m hopeful someone may even want to read it. But for now, it’s enough that it will be out of the nest, finally.

And I can fully focus on my next projects, which are battling it out as I type this. I think I finally know the one I am going to attack full-time, and I’m super-excited about it.

Oh, and it’s not YA. Doh! I considered using a pseudonym for it, but I like my name and don’t really want to make a new Twitter, WordPress and Gmail account as someone else.

Stay tuned!

Cover reveal on the way!






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