One Week Post-Launch

So many feels. So many emotions. If I was someone who squeeeed, I would have been squeeing all week. Because my little book baby, my sweet and tormenting friend for the last couple years, is now on Amazon.

First emotion: It’s for sale! I’m done! I’m finished forever and–

Then, dark night of the soul: Oh, wait. I forgot, I have to now actually sell it, pitch it, market it, flog it, blog it, tweet it, email it. Forget it. I give up! This is too hard!

And then: gathering the team: Some strangers read it. Liked it. Gave it nice reviews and stars even! All is not lost, after all!

But then: Nope, all is lost. It’s over. I’ll never write again. I stink. I should just toss the old laptop into the nearest ash pit and move on. Take up knitting. That’s a much better use of my time! I like scarves! Tiny sweaters for my dogs! Because this writing thing…

Today: a calm settled over me. There are so many other stories to tell. Surely I could leave dear, sweet Valley of the Moon by itself for a few moments while I go off to tend my other works-in-progress patiently waiting in the corner.

And I think I shall.

Signing off,



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