About Me

Bronwyn Archer is a young-adult author, digital media copywriter, and mother to several children, last time she counted.

She grew up in Pacific Palisades, California, where she achieved her first and still greatest writing accomplishment at the tender age of six. The local newspaper sponsored a Letter to Santa contest. The prize? A visit from the Real Santa™. Bronwyn won, scored the visit, and earned the awe of her hard-to-impress younger siblings.

As a student at an all-girls high school, Bronwyn discovered a love of writing and the importance of a good fake ID. The only sport she was good at was boogie-boarding, but she decided to hang up her board after a terrifying close encounter with a seven-foot blue shark in the Santa Monica Bay.

She still gets nervous in black-bottomed swimming pools.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in English and Art History, she moved to Paris, where she edited a magazine for expatriates. After failing to become the next Hemingway—despite putting in many hours at the Ritz Hotel’s Hemingway Bar—she moved back to the States, where she developed a semi-successful career in New York and Los Angeles as a copywriter for ad agencies and companies like HBO and Disney.

Now Bronwyn writes fiction and raises children. She’s up to two rescue mutts and four kids, which makes her a semi-freak in this neck of the woods, but she’s learned that once you decide to live your life your way, everything else gets a little easier.

Besides writing and expertly avoiding baskets of clean laundry that need folding, Bronwyn is passionate about movies, stand-up comedy, Disneyland, Gothic cathedrals, the paintings of Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent, and Maxfield Parrish, coffee, Paris, Oscar Wilde, hot sauce, the Christmas season, Thai street food, making stuff out of felt, and the smell of freshly printed books.


She is still searching for her own “signature fragrance,” which she’ll know when she smells it. Her lifetime ambition is to learn to apply the perfect cat-eye makeup.

VALLEY OF THE MOON is her first novel.