Writing…the Sequel

As Stephen King said in his essential book, ON WRITING, if you’re lucky you find a story fully formed, buried in the ground, waiting for you to stumble upon and dig up. Like a dinosaur fossil. Sometimes all you find is a few loose pieces–a few vertebrae, maybe a femur. But sometimes you uncover a fabulous complete skeleton. Then the work really starts, as you painstakingly remove the mud, clean it off, put it together, and figure out what kind of creature it might be.

When I read that years ago, it hit home. That’s what my process is like–I rarely have to pray for the muse to strike. I sometimes feel like I’m stumbling on fantastic stories and plot bones all the time. And annoyingly, it seems to happen most when I’m desperately trying to make headway on my current YA novel that is still a WIP–in this case, the sequel (and final book) to VALLEY OF THE MOON.

Yesterday, I counted my collection of stories: I have 15 WIP folders in my laptop. Zoinks!

So, I guess I should quit blogging and get writing.

Hooray for three-day weekends! Happy Memorial Day Weekend, and happy reading everyone!!




VOTM, the Sequel…

Yes, there is a sequel to Valley of the Moon!


Status: First draft complete, in revision-mode.

When will it be available? Mid-2017, if all goes well.

Can you tell us about the plot? Not yet! I don’t want to leave spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read the first book. But in VALLEY OF FIRE, things get steamier (Lana’s 18 now, after all), there’s more action, more romance, and a few more big reveals. It was a lot of fun plotting it out–I can’t wait to finish it!





One Week Post-Launch

So many feels. So many emotions. If I was someone who squeeeed, I would have been squeeing all week. Because my little book baby, my sweet and tormenting friend for the last couple years, is now on Amazon.

First emotion: It’s for sale! I’m done! I’m finished forever and–

Then, dark night of the soul: Oh, wait. I forgot, I have to now actually sell it, pitch it, market it, flog it, blog it, tweet it, email it. Forget it. I give up! This is too hard!

And then: gathering the team: Some strangers read it. Liked it. Gave it nice reviews and stars even! All is not lost, after all!

But then: Nope, all is lost. It’s over. I’ll never write again. I stink. I should just toss the old laptop into the nearest ash pit and move on. Take up knitting. That’s a much better use of my time! I like scarves! Tiny sweaters for my dogs! Because this writing thing…

Today: a calm settled over me. There are so many other stories to tell. Surely I could leave dear, sweet Valley of the Moon by itself for a few moments while I go off to tend my other works-in-progress patiently waiting in the corner.

And I think I shall.

Signing off,